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Verif-y’s Data Repository Solution | Big Data Management

Big Data Management

Verif-y’s Data Repository Solution enables organisations and enterprises to offload sensitive data to a secure, decentralized repository to provide validated access. Matching downloaded data with industry leading identity information, allows client organizations to better mine their stored/stale data and maximize its value. Extracting value out of physical and digitally stored data is unique value add that can provide an organization a competitive advantage, better relationship with customers and increased efficiency with internal marketing.  More so than ever, international privacy regulations are forcing enterprises to reassess how the manage personally identifiable information (PII). There is a necessity to manage data in a seamless and secure way in order to address such regulations.

Increased Flexibility & Privacy

Managing Big Data is essential for enterprises that need efficient organization and governance to ensure their data is of high quality and suitable for analytics and business intelligence applications. Verif-y’s solutions provide support by allowing seamless and secure management of such data.

Leveraging the repository solutions allows enterprises to minimise risk, cut costs, and access new insights around their sensitive data. As with any of the services provided by Verif-y, there is a guarantee of total data privacy, regulatory compliance, and security.


Increased Flexibility & Privacy | Data Repository

A Fully Secured Platform

All private, confidential, and proprietary information is stored on a secure blockchain infrastructure. Data access can be configured to only be granted to the individuals or businesses that completed the process. Verif-y’s platform enables organizations to materially improve privacy and regulatory compliance (such as CCPA, GDPR and more).


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Quick data access and validation improves decision making, reduced friction and increases marketing effectiveness:

Validated identities matched to stored or scanned data improves marketability.

Enables more accurate data reporting/analysis

Leveraging proprietary AI solutions, Verif-y enables encrypted search

Can reduce costs of storing invalid/unnecessary data

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