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Verif-y is the Safest and Most Powerful Employment Verification Service Available

Verif-y understands how important it is for your business to stay informed throughout the hiring process. We strive to create innovative, accurate and reliable screening solutions to allow clients to operate at ease without being held back by long and inefficient processes. We simplify the transaction between applicants and employers by reducing the need for repetitive processes and by assuring both parties that data is up-to-date and has been verified thoroughly. This combination enables businesses to make confident choices as they work to address compliance and reduce risk.

Background checks for any size business

Our team has 20 + years of background check history allowing us to confidently work with any size business and ensuring advanced as well as the fastest background checks available.

Verify your employees easily and accurately

An uninformed HR decision can cost money, time, and reputation. At Verif-y our extensive background checks look at Federal, National and local criminal records as well as Civil Records, Education History, Motor Vehicle History, National Sex offender Records plus more!

Make onboarding easy with built in compliance

We use unparalleled research capabilities to make on boarding a breeze, and make sure your company is compliant with all regulations. Expect screening orders to be delivered within 24 – 48 hours on average.

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Automated KYC & Identity Verification


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