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From financial institutions to healthcare organizations, education organizations to employers, we have the B2B solutions to empower your team, reduce costs, and improve data storage compliance.

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Know-Your-Customer Screening

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Know-Your-Business Screening


AML/Sanctions screening

Increasing Revenues

Accredited Investor Screening

Credential & Employment verification

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Background Checks

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Reduce Cost

Leverage Verif-y to materially reduce costs associated with identifying unknown individuals and complying with global data privacy regulation. As your business on boards new users, Verif-y will enable your team to reduce manual processes and create efficiencies. 

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Eliminate non-Compliance Fines

By allowing organizations to gradually remove user data from their infrastructure Verif-y enables the increased compliance with increasing global privacy regulations such as GDPR, CCPA and many others.  In addition, as user data is removed, organizations have the ability to gradually transition user data to its rightful owners – their users.  By doing so they materially improve their privacy compliance and can become leaders in their own industries.

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