Verif-y In The News

Nov 20 2018

During Distributed: Health’s Investor Pitch Sessions, Startups Sought to Decentralize Healthcare

Using the Ethereum blockchain and sitting on the Microsoft Azure cloud, Verif-y has developed an identity verification platform to provide individuals with the ability to own and control their identities.

Apr 4 2018

Head to this #PTW18 panel to finally understand why blockchain, loT and VR matter

Ed Zabar is the CEO at Verif-y, a blockchain digital identity platform providing users control over their personal data. Imagine being able to control your personal data and manage who you share it with, such as when you are applying for a job.

Jan 17 2018

Rivetz Partners with Verif-y for Application Security and Private Key Management

RICHMOND, Mass., Jan. 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Decentralized mobile security solutions provider Rivetz today announced a partnership with Verif-y for application security and private key management on Verif-y’s identity verification platform.

Oct 29 2017

Ammbr and Verif-y Cut Deal to Bring Self-Sovereign Digital Identity to Emerging Markets

Ammbr and Verif-y have announced a collaboration deal to bring self-sovereign digital identity to emerging markets via the Ammbr network.

Oct 11 2017 

Verif-y Platform for Identity Verification Functions

A new platform named Verif-y provides a great credential for identity verification functions. The Identity verification will be suitable for education, work place, certificate, and license document. Inside the Verif-y platform, will allow its customers to store and managing their verified identity.

Oct 03 2017

How to Create a Powerful Identity for Today’s Digital Economy

In the world we live in today, the majority of us lack the control of our abilities into much of the data that other people have about us. A lot of important items, such as diplomas, certificates, licenses, awards, legal forms or work history are controlled by others.

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