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Challenges in Healthcare

Healthcare organizations are at an inflection point. Considering the backdrop of a global pandemic, a heightened awareness for data privacy, increased security threats, and the growing use of telehealth, the need for secure, automated identity verification and management tools is paramount.  

Managing patient data and provider credentials remain some of the toughest challenges facing healthcare organizations to date. License and education verifications are still mostly manual and time-consuming processes that healthcare human resource administrators are required to constantly preform and monitor. Meanwhile, patient-facing identity verification procedures – Know Your Patient (KYP), new patient onboarding, and medical record management – require efficient, streamlined, and patient-friendly improvements. HIPAA requirements, compliance, security, and legal hurdles incurred regularly by providers remain costly and labor.  

How Verif-y Helps Healthcare Organizations

Verif-y wants to help organizations eliminate manual, arduous, and inefficient paper-based identity verification processes by offering automated Know Your Patient (KYP), Personal Health Information (PHI), and provider Credential & Employment Verification (C&EV). Users can seamlessly upload their passports, driver’s licenses, employment & licensing history, etc. by scanning the documents with their mobile phones, thereby completing the verification process in seconds. By using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and proprietary algorithms, Verif-y authenticates these documents in real-time and delivers the results to our clients in a simple-to-use, web, or API dashboards. 

Verif-y has built a user centric medical record management system that allows individuals to manage and share their medical records directly from their mobile devices all while increasing organization’s compliance with HIPPA, CCPA and GDPR as well as other regulations. With the Verif-y Credential Wallet users have total control over who can see and access their Personal Health Information (PHI) allowing patients to effortlessly and confidently share medical records between different organizations via its user permission system. 

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Providers can more efficiently on board new patients, automate cumbersome manual processes and mitigate data privacy risk with Verif-y’s all in one solution. 

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The platform allows individuals to control their medical records and become the exclusive owners of their personally identifiable information.

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Healthcare Organizations

Verif-y’s purpose-built credentialing platform enables organizations to automate license verifications, background check screenings, and credential verifications to efficiently hire and onboard medical professionals. Human Resources administrators may review and manage their new-employee licensing procedures from a comprehensive SaaS dashboard. ​

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Credentials like a diploma, license or job experience can be presented on a digital resume or CV, but a hiring manager has to verify those credentials manually.

Outdated methods of license/credential validation, including phone calls or fax, are slow, inefficient, and redundant, putting stress on both providers looking to validate data, and the individual applicants. Managing all these requests is resource and time intensive 

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Over 25 Million Patient Records Were Exposed in 2019

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