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Streamlining Identity Verification for Onboarding retail & commercial clients

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Verif-y offers a streamlined approach to regulatory and compliance requirements for a wide variety of financial institutions. 

Verif-y authenticated identity on new retail and commercial clients reduces compliance risk for know-your-business and know-your-customer requirements. 

Eliminate compliance fines and speed up KYC processes by eliminating the need to store client data on your servers.

Efficiently Authenticating Identities

Verif-y helps to efficiently onboard new customers and refocuses time once wasted on manual verification processes on areas as improved customer experience, additional marketing activities and much more.

Reduce Risk & Address Privacy Compliance

Reduce risk while getting ahead of your privacy compliance requirements under increasing data privacy regulations like the GDPR or CCPA.

Leverage Cutting-Edge Solutions to Prevent Fraud

Leverage the latest artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) tools to prevent fraud and reduce friction

Address the problem at the source

Banks and other FIs lose time and money every year to compliance, KYC, and other related problems. Verif-y is a proactive solution. 

$ 0 B
Amount per year that a large US Bank can spend on technology to comply with new regulations​
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Cost of Sanctions screening (including KYC and AML) have increased by 14% in the past 2 years​
0 %
Percentage of corporate clients say they switched banks because of KYC issues
Average amount of days to complete the customer onboarding process

Our All-In-one Solution

Solutions and Key Features

Effectively identify previously unknown customers, entities, and investors as you enable frictionless registration, user on-boarding and account opening.

Verif-y’s blend of business logic and technical expertise provides financial institutions with a unique and easily integratabtle solution. 

Identity Verification Services

Leverage our solutions to simplify processing and improve your organization’s compliance program.

Technical Features

Our use of cutting-edge technologies allows us to drive automation, detect fraud and create efficiencies for our financial clients.

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