Credential and identity verification

Verif-y modernizes the relationship between employers and job applicants. For the first time both parties have a platform where they can communicate directly regarding verified credentials. This cuts out the middlemen in this process and saves both the employer and job-seeker time and money. In contrast to background screening companies, Verif-y’s platform provides a more reliable, less expensive, real-time verification process by replacing current legacy methods with a direct and more accurate data-driven model.  


Secure ‘credential wallet’ for academic, employment and professional credentials – In-line IPS/IDS (Intrusion Detection/Intrusion Prevention), Secure Microsoft Azure dedicated government cloud platform, Two/Three factor authentication, Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware inspection for all files added to or living on our platform. 

Data Driven

Verif-y utilizes data-driven, AI software to monitor the regulatory scene on a worldwide scale for updates in regulations, ID documents, sanctions lists and politically exposed persons (PEPs).  


Provides user real-time access to their verified user credentials - saves time and money by eliminating third-party middlemen.


With a Verif-y profile, potential employees stand out by prescreening themselves before the job application process. This communicates to employers that this potential employee is a trusted resource effectively placing them at the front of the line. 

Self-Sovereign Identity

Once components of the identity are authenticated by
Verif-y they are transferred to the individual user who has full control over who sees what parts of their identity and its underlying components.

Mobile Friendly

Verif-y's platform is accessible from anywhere via our smartphone app, our app via tablets, and through our website.

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