Identity Verification

Individuals control and manage their identity and credential information directly from the Verif-y platform. With the Verif-y credential wallet, individuals can submit credentials, request verification of records and credentials, and build up their unique digital identity.

Access to this individual identity is controlled by the user, who can send out data to third parties when required. Once a credential is verified, it can be reused without the need to verify from the primary source again. These verified digital identities enable us to communicate in a trust-worthy manner with those who require our authenticated data.

How does it work?


Secure blockchain technology and multiple levels of encryption ensure that personal and professional data are safe.


The individual user has full control over who has access and when to their sensitive Personally Identifiable Information.

Ease of Use

The Identity Verification platform (available on both web and mobile) is easy to use, so any user can quickly add or update credentials.


Use for identification purposes, online logins, replacing physical identification documents, etc.