Verif-y is a blockchain based digital identity platform that enables users to request verified credentials from their past and present employers and universities, as well as licenses, memberships, and identity documents to the Verif-y app. Users then use these verified credentials to communicate trust with future employers, educators and financial service companies. 

Some of our security features include:

Multi-factor Authentication

Next Generation Defense In-Depth End to End Data Protection 

Highly-Secure Credential Storage

Advanced Encryption Standard

24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year Monitoring

Integrated Blockchain Technology 

The Verif-y KYC platform is designed specifically for initial coin offerings (ICOs)/Token Generating Events (TGE), and cryptocurrency exchanges. The Verif-y KYC service allows businesses utilizing blockchain technology to trust unknown customers and token purchasers in an efficient, auditable and secure manner. Accepting crypto currency from global purchasers creates compliance challenges which Verif-y’s KYC platform addresses. Verif-y provides the client with a simple, cost effective, one-stop-shop solution to meet the ever-shifting landscapes of banking compliance, KYC, and regulatory rules. Verif-y’s KYC algorithms capture and analyze user-entered data against our internal data as well as the user-uploaded ID images to generate a KYC decision based on your business practices and compliance rules. Verif-y’s platform provides clients with a highly secure environment due to its encryption at various access levels, encryption of sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”) and various access rights. 

Blockchain Native

Designed to meet the needs of customers, investors, and token purchases utilizing crypto currency transactions.

Audit Reporting

Provides time-stamped records for auditors and regulators to prove the client pursued best practices and due diligence. Each record is assigned a blockchain transaction ID that can be used if and when an audit is conducted.

Custom Parameters

Customized rules and algorithms to set KYC screening based on each client's unique compliance needs.


Passports, National IDs, and Driver Licenses are all screened against global sanctions such as Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter-terrorism Financing (CTF) as well as additional lists if relevant or required.

By utilized a Next-Generation Defense-In-Depth (NGDiD) security strategy across its platform and infrastructure, Verif-y ensures the integrity, validation, and verification of data at every step of a transaction or process. Clients can access KYC data using our SaaS dashboard or via an application-programming interface (API) depending on their own needs and business practices. Verif-y provides accredited investor screenings to determine net worth and the source of wealth. Verif-y provides the tools and customization options needed to seamlessly integrate its solutions into your Web and Mobile sites as well as your pre-existing on boarding processes. 

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