Frequently Asked Questions

What does Verif‑y do?

Verif‑y addresses the need to have a user managed, verifiable and secure digital identity. Our platform enables a quick and secure digital verification process for various credentials such as degrees, transcripts, licenses, and employment histories among others. Verif‑y’s platform receives uploads of verified credentials from the awarding institutions and places them in the appropriate user’s repository. Users control who can see their verified credentials, determine what sections of their repository will be made available and for how long access will be granted.


How does Verif‑y work?

Verif‑y’s platform receives uploads of verified credentials from the awarding institutions and places them in the appropriate user’s repository. Users control who can see their verified credentials and determine what sections of their repository will be made available.


What makes Verif‑y different from other credential verification companies?

We provide individuals with a competitive advantage in the job market as they can provide their independently verified credentials and employment history directly and instantly; Verif‑y provides users with instant access and control over who can see their information and when. Verif‑y also benefits employers. Traditional verification services are slow, taking weeks or even months to return results. Verif‑y provides timely, accurate results, enabling employers to reduce the costs and risks in verifying employment records, and track employee licenses and certifications, while alleviated the need to maintain past employment records for numerous years.


How do I use the services in Verif‑y?

By logging into www.Verif‑ or the Verif‑y app and opening a Verif‑y account, users are able to enter their professional histories and using Verif‑y’s internal processes receive confirmation of the entry’s validity.


Is Verif‑y secure?

Verif‑y’s platform is hosted on a well known hosting environment which is fully compliant with most government and commercial standards. Our application’s security is certified by a third party (with documentation available upon request). In addition, all stored documents are encrypted and protected by several layers of security.


Does Verif‑y keep copies of verified files?

Files are stored on our secure servers and are encrypted. Only authorized parties (document providers and users) are able to access these files. No third parties are able to access the files without the user’s approval.


What can I do if the credential provider I received my credentials from is not listed?

Users are requested to enter as much information as possible to the system in order for us to contact the organization that issues the credential, confirm its existence and validity and assist them in authenticating the user’s request. Our goal in these instances is to respond back to the user with the results of our work as soon as possible.


How much does it cost for users to use the Verif‑y system?

These fees vary.


Are there any additional fees?

No, there are no additional fees required from the users at this time.  As we add more features and functionalities we reserve the right to make changes to the fee structure.


What payment options are available (for verifying entities only)?

Credit card and PayPal payments are accepted at this time. We will be adding additional payment options soon.


Does Verif‑y have a refund policy?

Not at this time.


How long will it take to provide a verified result?

If the information is already stored in our systems – instantly. If the information is not verified it can still be shared instantly but will be marked as pending verification.


For how long will I have access to my credential and other stored information?

Users are provided lifetime access to their records. In case either Verif‑y or the originating institute (employer, credential provider) are no longer in business the relevant information will still be available to the user.


Do the services of Verif‑y comply with FERPA?

Yes, Verif‑y is very serious about compliance. We have developed our Privacy Policy that covers how we collect, use, and disclose your information.


What should I do if I sent verification data to the incorrect account?

Please contact us at adminsupport@verif‑ Please include your Verification Services transaction ID (located on your credit card receipt email). We will assist you in transferring the verification information to the correct account.


What file formats are supported?

Verif‑y provides the tools to allow your organization to upload records in their present file format, be it TIFF, PDF, Excel, Word, txt or a unique format tailored to your organization’s system.


Do I need to have a Social Security Number?

No, a Social Security Number is not required.


Can I upload my resume into Verif‑y?

This feature is coming in a future update.


Can I upload profile data from another web site?

This feature is not currently available.

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