Credential and Employment Verification

Current Credential and Employment Verification methods are extremely outdated and inaccurate. They require manual processing (phone calls, emails, faxes and mail) which rely on dated databases and proven-to-fail methods of information validation (i.e. calling to verify someone’s employment.)

This heavy reliance on phone calls, faxes, emails, letters, etc. makes the process expensive, time-consuming, and prone to error on multiple levels. Verif-y provides a modern solution to this universal problem by offering a cost- effective and privacy-focused solution for organizations and individuals to exchange credential data.

How does it work?

Organizations access their administrator dashboards via our SaaS platform and are able to review all pertinent information in real time. Conversely, individuals may request credential verification via the Verif-y web or mobile app. In both scenarios, the request is sent through the Verif-y platform; where our algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence engines make the appropriate authoritative determination regarding the data’s authenticity.

Employers and educational institutes conserve time and money with our Credential and Employment Verification engine, while individuals maintain control over their own hard- earned information.

Cutting costs

Conducting a single credential verification often costs $150-$250 for an employer, and more individuals are opting for short-term job contracts. Leveraging Verif-y’s platform, employers can save money by lowering costs of onboarding.

False credentials

Around 85% of people lie or embellish on their resumes. Using Verif-y platforms, employers can quickly determine which candidates embellish their professional and educational histories.

Stand out

With an increasingly competitive job market, Verif-y provides an easy way for job applicants to stand out, and an easy way for employers to eliminate unqualified candidates while increasing their own privacy compliance.