Blockchain World Conference Reflection

 Zach Wetzler
July 24, 2018

Earlier this month, a few members of the Verif-y team set out for Atlantic City and the Blockchain World Conference. The two-day conference featured speakers with various expertise in the Blockchain space. Featured panelists and speakers included Fintech Law experts, ICOs, and blockchain companies, all presenting their innovations and ideas. On the legal side, conversations on the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) stance on blockchain companies and crypto assets/currencies stood out. As the SEC begins to provide additional clarity on their views of cryptocurrencies, companies looking to undertake token sales around the world can begin to plan their approach to obtain potential American investors. Regulations provide greater clarity for investors and companies thus leading to increased investor confidence. This is incredibly important for the expansion of blockchain technologies as well as cryptocurrencies in the U.S. Action from central monetary bodies also provides important assurance to citizens who may be interested yet intimidated by the blockchain/crypto space. In a panel which included respected blockchain attorneys Allison Shealy and Jeffery Gorham, conference goers were able to learn more about what to expect in the coming months from the SEC. In the coming year, we should expect to see an increase in ICOs/STOs and blockchain dependent businesses, all of which will provide Verif-y with immediate business opportunities in the areas of KYC, Accredited Investors and self-sovereign identity.  

 Aside from regulations, the conference also included exhibitions from innovative exchanges, blockchain platforms and ICOs/STOs. For instance,  Bitbose—a crypto portfolio platform—is using AI to help its users make informed decisions with their digital assets. Other promising ventures included sports betting sites such as PlayChip and crypto payment solution Monarch. Digital marketing groups also attended and are a key component of this nascent but fast-growing industry. Not only do they provide important promotional assistance but also can effectively target interested parties. During the two days, Verif-y spoke with such groups as California based D.N.A., the European group CORE and Artifax Digital in New York.  

Finally, the most anticipated event of the conference was John McAfee’s keynote presentation. There was a palpable enthusiasm that overtook the Harrah’s resort conference room as McAfee signed on to speak. In a scene akin to that of the final scenes Wizard of Oz, attendees walked up one by one clamoring to ask a question as he looked down from the big screen. Mcafee spoke on various subjects related to Bitcoin, and the overall power of crypto. He predicts a bullish future for cryptocurrencies and a balancing of power as traditional financial entities race to catch up and struggle to maintain fleeting control. Only time will tell, but such universal prominence and acceptance of crypto only continues to grow. 

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