Background Checks For
Pre-Employment Screening

We address the inefficient process of interviewing applicants, making a hiring decision, and then and only then running a background check. If an applicant doesn’t pass, both time and resources have been wasted. Using Verif-y to pre-qualify job applicants before the interview ensures applicants are verified from day one of the application process, thus creating a more efficient overall process. 

Verif-y is committed to data integrity, compliance and security. The platform provides clients with a highly secure environment due to its encryption at various access levels, encryption of sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and various access rights. We are compliant with the FCRA and support advanced security protocols. We constantly monitor our environment for new threats and perform code vulnerability reviews. 

Speeds Up On-boarding Process

Background screening companies can take up to a week or more to verify an applicant’s education, previous employment and license credentials. Verif-y provides real-time credential verification, which reduces the time expended to fill a position.

Creates Efficiencies​​​

Employers use Verif-y to automate and manage current and past employment history via the Human Resources administrator dashboard. This dashboard enable managers & employees to receive alerts in the event of pending license expiration dates, which lowers liability risk and lost time caused by lapsed licenses.

Cost- Effective ​

Pre-employment background screening companies can charge over $100 per applicant. Verif-y has a substantially lower cost, with both subscription and volume pricing available.

Credential Verification ​

Verif-y reduces the risk of hiring employees with false credentials and protects an employer’s brand and goodwill – people can’t falsely claim they worked for an employer. 

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