Verif-y's Mission

Our mission is to develop and use the best technologies in order to provide a unique and evolving value to our users through continued innovation, determination and customer obsession. We will continue to provide individuals with the ability to own and control their identity, and provide employers, credential providers, and other organizations with better ways to serve their employees, students and members while improving their operational efficiencies.

Our Story

As we progress through our lives we constantly encountered situations where we needed to provide information about our history.  We realized that this story is common to everyone who is looking for a job, applying for finances or needing to prove their employment status.  We also realized that most of the pieces of information that are used to evaluate our financial, employment or credential authenticity are not within our control.  Verif‑y was created to change that – we want users to own their information and decide who can see it.


Ed Zabar

CEO & Founder

Tammy Fudem

General Councel

Chad Peiper

Chief Architect

Colleen Connors

Chief Operating Officer

Our Advisors

Lewis Larson
Gil Tsabar
Lior Zysman
Adam Schwartz
Neal Trieber
Shoshana Loeb, PhD
Paul Booth
David Schwartz
Andrew Bull
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