Evolution of Credential Verification

Credential Verification appears on the surface to be straightforward, but it’s actually quite complicated if you do it correctly. At Verif-y, we are building upon a rudimentary structure of credential verification that is led by a few behemoths in the marketplace and creating for the first time an electronically based structure owned by the user. Forget the fax machines of the 90s and the paper diplomas you can’t find in the attic at your parent’s homes. Verif-y has built the first digital credential wallet where you, the user get to hold and own your records. Not 3rd parties like Equifax. Verif-y is a repository where any time you need it the record is there, safe and secure. You get to choose who sees it and when.

After months of testing we launched our Verif-y app for iOS and android on April 19th, 2017. Since then we have continued to improve on what we started. We built a comprehensive and proprietary backend network of algorithms and processes. These allow Verif-y to electronically verify and ensure the accuracy of records submitted to the Verif-y platform. We created a way to combine standardized practices with the individual attention required by each unique record. As each day moves forward our processing times get faster, our algorithms smarter, and more and more often they have the knowledge to independently operate.

Verif-y is leading the way in new thinking and technology to improve the way we all view and interact with personal credentials. We can’t wait to show the world your true identity with the Verif-y app. Join us in growing this unique opportunity.

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