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For Sustainable Self-Sovereign Identity

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Self-Sovereign Blockchain Identity for Users


Decentralized Storage Provides Resiliency to Users


Proof of Stake Consensus Secures the Verif-y Blockchain


Credential Verification and Reduction in Fraud for Education


ERC-20 Compatible for Transactions via Ethereum Blockchain


Lower Background Check Costs and Reduction in Resume Fraud for Organizations


Proof of Data Share Mining Rewards Users, Data Providers, and Ecosystem


Proof of Network Effect Mining Rewards Data Providers and Ecosystem

Our Service

User-Centric Blockchain Platform Benefits Everyone

Verif-y’s user-centric platform is a radical change in the way that credential data is marketed, bought and sold by big data vendors. This shift in control, from the credit reporting agencies and background check companies to the individual, is a paradigm shift that increases Personally Identifiable Information (PII) security.  As a result, there is less need for the increasing replication of the same PII across different entities which results in more control by the user along with better accuracy of the records and identities that are being shared. 

Our Users


Candidates with verified credentials have an advantage over other candidates relying on unverified resumes.

License Providers

Allow license holders to immediately and accurately validate their license standing to third parties such as employers, healthcare and regulatory organizations.



Governments are provided with the ability to accurately and rapidly credential potential employees and contractors in a cost-effective manner. In addition, we enable governments to provide valuable services to their HR departments as well as to their current and past employees. Lastly, identity services will allow large-scale efficiencies and improved services to citizens.


Traditional verification services are slow, taking weeks or even months to return results. Verif‑y provides timely, accurate results, enabling employers to reduce the costs and risks in verifying employment records, and tracking employee licenses and certifications while alleviating the need to maintain past employment records for numerous years.

Credential Providers 

Colleges and Universities can be overloaded by diploma, transcript and enrollment requests – consuming precious human and financial resources.

Membership Organizations 

Members will be able to verify membership when attending events while interacting with other members and when validating their memberships to relevant third parties.

Collaborating Organizations & Users

Here is a sample of some of our collaborating organizations and users. 

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