Automatic Identity Verification
& Transformational Privacy Focus
Verif-y enables organizations to seamlessly authenicate
counterpart identities without needing to see or store the data
Verif-y enables organizations to seamlessly authenicate counterpart identities without needing to see or store the data

About Us

Verif-y is a technology company that offers a new breed of identity, compliance and credentialing solutions to organizations and individuals around the world. Verif-y‘s solutions are designed to give the user unparalleled control over their own identity documents, professional certifications, accreditations, education verifications and much more. For the first time, the individual user has full control over who has access and when to their sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII). By having the power to terminate access or request to have their historical records deleted, users maintain privacy and security of their personal information. Organizations who receive access to this verified information are able to improve their onboarding speeds, increase efficiencies and materially reduce their compliance and privacy regulation burdens.

Our mission is to develop and use the most secure, efficient technologies in order to provide this unique and evolving experience to our users through continued innovation, determination and customer obsession. We provide individuals with new levels of control and provide employers, credential providers, and other organizations with better ways to serve their employees, students, customers and members.

User-Centric Platform Benefits Everyone

Verif-y’s user-centric platform benefits all participants by changing the way that credential data is handled. By shifting control over to users, organizations no longer have to spend the time and resources to ensure that PII is not compromised or mishandled, which improves their ability to address new data privacy regulations such as CCPA, GDPR, and others.

This shift in control over data from credit reporting agencies and background check companies to the individual benefits both the individual and the organization by providing security and improved accuracy of the information and underlying identities that are being shared.

Products & Services

Regulatory Compliance Screening Services

Verif‑y’s compliance services include KYC (Know Your Customer), KYB (Know Your Business), ACI (Accredited Investor) and more; allowing businesses to trust unknown customers in a prompt, efficient, auditable and secure manner.

Credential and Employment Verification

Verif-y modernizes the relationship between employers and job applicants. For the first time, both parties have a platform where they can communicate pertinent, pre-validated information directly.

Identity Verification

Verif-y aggregates a user’s information to create their own set of unique identifiers. These identifiers are then shared with user approval to facilitate faster processing, access management and much more.

Our Story

Our founder, while working in the cut-throat world of investment banking, witnessed first-hand (more than a few times) the gap in the accuracy of credential verification and the repercussions that occurred as a result of these inaccuracies. This sparked a sequence of ideas on how to address this issue and thus, Verif-y was created.

Verif-y began full operations at the end of 2016 with a small team of devoted individuals. Over the past two and a half years, we’ve been improving technologies, gaining new team members, adding to our list of services, and saddened every time we have to say goodbye to an intern. Despite this ongoing change and growth, our main goals haven’t changed - to give people back the control over their own identity, while creating a more efficient process of identity verification, privacy and compliance for all parties involved.

As we progress through our lives we constantly encounter situations where we need to provide information about our professional and personal histories. At Verif-y, we realized that this narrative is universal to everyone who is looking for a job, applying for finances, investing and much more.

We also recognized that most of the information that is used to evaluate our financial, employment, or credential authenticity is not within our control. Verif‑y was created to change that! Our users own their information and have the power to decide who can see and access it, as well as remove access when they desire.

The Verif-y Platform

Verif-y’s platform focuses on integrating key features of identity verification together while building trust and maintaining security.

Verif‐y's compliance services allow businesses to seamlessly, swiftly and cost-effectively onboard new users and customers, allowing for new, trusting relationships to be established with the users in a compliant, auditable, and secure manner.

Verif-y’s platform provides clients with a highly secure environment due to its use of blockchain, multiple levels of encryption, and controlled access to rights of sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”).

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Our Network Participants


Individuals have the ability to authenticate their credential information and to control the distribution of their highly sensitive personal and professional data.

License Providers

License holders are able to immediately and accurately validate their license standing to third parties such as employers, healthcare and regulatory organizations.


Government entities required to adhere with compliance regulations can ease burdens placed on their HR departments by having a comprehensive, easy-to-use compliance platform.


Employers utilize accurate results to reduce the costs and risks of verifying candidate's employment records, track license and certificate records, all while alleviating the need to maintain past employment records.

Credential Providers

Universities and other certificate granting organizations who are overloaded by diploma, transcript and enrollment verifications requests no longer need to expend precious human and financial resources.

Membership Organizations

Members are able to verify their membership when attending events, interacting with other members, or when requested by relevant third parties.

Why Choose Us ?

One-Stop Shop

We allow various compliance- focused requirements to be executed without the need to contact multiple vendors. (For example, one solution for both KYC and AML.)

Trusted Data

User data on the platform is generated and validated using our proprietary technology to ensure the highest levels of accuracy and comprehensive access.

Real Privacy

Individuals are the only ones that can release their information to third parties requesting or requiring the data.

Improved Efficiency

Verif-y’s suite of proprietary algorithms provide efficient, automated record verification with a distinct focus on saving your company time.


Lower on-boarding costs, reduced overhead, improved compliance and reduced need for physical and digital storage.


Users can keep using their credentials for other purposes as well as add credentials and information to their secure digital wallet.






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